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Contact to sales person:+91 94772 05154

Our dedicated servers give your websites the highest level of speed

Unlimited Web Space

Ever heardof an unlimited server ? We haven't either. When we say unlimited, we meant that we don't set any limits and provide more space than the average shared hosting account could ever possibly use ( and the average is something we calculate on daily basis). You can read more about what we mean by 'Unlimited' in our Terms of Service.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Never worry about needing to check your brandwidth limit because we don't set one. Of course there is no such thing as a router on this planet that can serve up unlimited brandwidth, but what we mean is that there is no limit on the brandwidth you use so ling as it's in agreement with our Terms of Service (well over 99% of our customer are completely in agreeement.)

Unlimited Domains & Subdomains Hosted

Unlimited Data Transfer

Friendly Personal Support Rep

[Extremely Awesome] 24/7 Customer Support by Phone, Chat, Ticket, Email

Free 7 Day Trial

Not sure about hosting with us ? Try out us free ! We wont charge you anything for the first 7 days of your hosting account. Get know us a little better and if you deciede to choose us as your host, great ! After your 7 days are up, you'll have another 23 to decide whether or not we'r absolutely right for you and if for whatever reason we'r no, we'll give your money back with any hassle.